The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Aberdeen, Scotland

Today we head to the North East of Scotland to the third most populated city in Scotland – Aberdeen. The city has strong historic roots that fate back to the 1100’s and is reknowned for being a fishing and trade settlement. Aberdeen has gained the nickname of Granite City because a lot of the buildings were constructed in the Victorian era so they used predominantly this substance.

The city itself is vibrant and alive with many shops and tourist attractions on offer, such as the Maritime Museum, Kings College and Duthie Park. The great thing about Aberdeen is that it also has it’s own beaches that are pituresque and a lovely walk away from the hustle and bustle.


Aberdeen is also in the perfect location to explore further afield as well including tourist hot spots such as Balmoral Castle, Dunnottar Castle, Whisky Distilleries and a fantastic coastal trail.

I visited Aberdeen my late teens and remember really liking it – my favourite part was the beach. It wasn’t the hottest weather when I was there but the coastal views were wonderful. I liked the town centre as parts of it are really quaint, I do remember it being very busy though. The only other thing I can remember is that I liked the hotel that we stayed in as it was lovely (and so was the food).

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