REVIEW: Tim Murray, Wait… Let’s Have Fun, Hen and Chickens

This week American actor, Youtuber and comedian Tim Murray had his debut show in London, it was his first time performing his show in the capital so it was only right that we sent one of our reviewers along.  So James from my Improv Group Punderstandably headed along to his show at the Hen and Chickens to check it out. 

As you enter the room you are welcomed to the song Mmm Bop by Hanson playing on repeat, automatically you are welcomed into an environment where you feel that nineties nostalgia is going to play a big part on the content of the show. It is evident from the beginning that Tim has very strong knowledge of Pop Culture and some of the best jokes of the night are based around this topic. A great example of this is the joke about the world of MSN Messenger being catfished by someone who Tim believed was Britney Spears. It was also a very fun way to open the show. Another really fun joke that he does based around pop culture is based around Julia Stiles and the audience react really well to this observation.

Throughout the night it becomes apparent that Tim is a master when it comes to interacting with the audience and it really is one of his strongest elements of the whole show. Going into the audience and saying ‘how dare you’ to an audience member for being so attractive was hilarious and really reflects that he is not afraid to go into the audience whilst making them feel welcome whilst also including them as part of the jokes.

There are a lot of different topics covered in this show, everything from growing up as homosexual in a small town in America to teaching children and how he disagrees that children are our future, especially since he teaches child models and there is a funny anecdote to run alongside this story.

This was a fun show to see, whilst Tim may not be the comedian to see if you like zingy one liners, he is one to see if you enjoy comedy where the audience are involved and there are lots of references to Pop culture.

RATING: ***’ 3.5 stars 

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