Improv Diaries: Short and Sweet [Case Study – Dating Shows ]

This week in improv not loads happened so will keep this short. This week it was all about getting ready for our show that we have next week – this meant that we had to make sure that the games that we are playing for the first time are on a level that we are happy with.

From this weeks rehearsals it was apparent that some of the new games needed a few changes as they were not working the way that we wanted so we reformatted them to the style of a different show format. I think they work a lot better and hopefully will work well in the shows format.

This is the penultimate show of the year for us so it will be fun to celebrate our second birthday as there is lots of new games that will make it fun.

Case Study: Dating Shows 

This week I have been watching a  lot of dating televisions shows – not because some of them are guilty pleasure watching, but also because this week I am playing host to te improv show Blind Date. I want to be the best that I can be to bring energy to the game but also to make sure that I do my best at hosting the game.

One of the main shows I have been watching is the original Blind Date because that is what we are basing the game on so I want to make sure that we channel all of the elements of the show,. There are so many iconic elements of this show that it is important to channel them in the show.. However, the one thing that i do not want to do is try and be Cilla Black. I cannot do a Liverpudlian accent so it would only be wrong to try and be her.

Watching other dating games like Take Me Out and Dinner Date are also important to watch because it allows you to understand how the dating show style has developed and what is important to remember when doing an older style show. I think It is important to bring your own energy to any show that you do and you should always come up with new and interesting ways to do a game so that you make it your own.

I wasn’t very confident the last time that we did this game because I was so exhausted but going into Tuesday I feel OK and interested to see where the game goes.

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