Life Lessons From Sitcoms – New Girl

Welcome to this months feature all about sitcoms and comedies, I watch a lot of them and always have done for as long as I can remember and looking back on them, I have learnt so many life lessons along the way. So I thought why not shine a light on them and share them with the world – some of them are important some of them are silly little things but I think it is always interesting to share. Today’s life lesson comes from – New Girl


Life Lesson Learnt: Quirky Is The New Cool

Originally, I couldn’t get into New Girl – when it first aired I didn’t feel committed to watching a whole other sitcom in its entirity and so didn’t bother. It was only when I had to go to France for work and saw it was on the Europe Netflix that I got into it. Tje first day I was in France I was so shattered as the morning had been so busy and intense, so I went to the local supermarche, got a bagette, ham, cheese, wine and salad and spent the rest of the day and evening binge watching new Girl.

My friend who I was sharing the appartment with wasn’t arriving until the morning so I thought it was the perfect time to chill out – and I had a balcony with a view of the sea – what more could you want?

The one thing when I started watching in its entirity that I really loved was the quikiness of Jess’ character. It’s so fun adn I really like how quirky is highlighted as a good thing (unlike in Miranda). The storylines are really fun and they work extremely well due to the persona of the character in New Girl.

When I was watching this it felt inspiring as well, it allows you to be kooky and embrace yourself and it is not just the female character as well – the males all have really fun and very specific quirks which are good and fun to see. It is a feel good show and that is sometimes really imnportant in comedy.

Obviously, there is a the classic storylines or romance, dating and the tad serious but that sort of feels secondary at times and that is very refreshing

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