Life Lessons From Sitcoms – The Mindy Project

Welcome to this months feature all about sitcoms and comedies, I watch a lot of them and always have done for as long as I can remember and looking back on them, I have learnt so many life lessons along the way. So I thought why not shine a light on them and share them with the world – some of them are important some of them are silly little things but I think it is always interesting to share. Todays life lesson comes from – The Mindy Project


Life Lesson Learnt: Own IT! 

I have followed Mindy Kaling’s career since the Office US and that is why I gave The Mindy Project a go because I knew that she was a very talented and strong writer and that it was going to be good.

Right from the start, I really enjoyed this comedy as it is quite mature in it’s style whilst also being classically funny and innovative with wit. I find as well when I was watching it there is one thing that Mindy Project does and that is teaches you to Own who and what you are.

Mindy Kalings character is really relate-able as a person and it is something that all people, especially females, can relate to. I find that this show celebrates female empowerment and really is a great role model for career driven women.

Whilst it has a great story about relationships and love, it is the sub narratives of work coming first which is very good as it contradicts what a lot of comedies tend to do (For example – Rachel in Friends getting off the plane and abandoning her career for Ross).

The show is also home to so many great one liners as well that really are great little empowerment lines to live by – some are really silly and stupid but they really make the show. I adore watching this show, whenever I walk away from it I feel happy and confident as a person. It is such a great show and it is not just the women that put women first, it is also the males as well and that is why it is such a great and new thinking style of comedy.

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