Improv Corner – The Name Game

Sometimes, especially in a big group, it can be really hard to learn someones name – it may be something that is so simple but when there is a big group of you then it can be overwhelming. However, the good news is, in improv there are a number of different fun warm up games that you can play to remember someones name. So here are a few to get you started:

Throw the Name 

This one is a pretty standard name game, I do not know the real name but when I explain it to you, you will understand why I call it Throw The Name. You first go around the circle and say your name and then when you have done that you then point at someone across the circle saying your name. Then when everyone has pointed to someone and said their name you then do the name pattern over and over again. The next time round you say a persons name as you point at someone and repeat the first step.

Superhero Game 

This is a fun way to introduce the person next to you in a circle you endow them with a super power and then they step forward and re-enact the super pose of that said superhero, the second time you go round the circle you pretend to be these superheroes. For example I am Super Bottle Girl and to my left is Super Toilet Roll Man also known as…… Tom! Hi I am Tom and I am Super Toilet Roll Man, my special power is to fire our rolls of loo roll etc etc

Sound Noise 

This is very similar to the two games above – you go round the circle and say your name and then a sound or a movement. The you pass the noise and the name around the circle and say other peoples noises and names as well. It is lively and also a lot of fun.

So there is a few games for you to play at your pleasure when you are around new people – it is a great way to remember new names and also creates a fun high energy as well.

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