Off The Record – ALBUM FOCUS – Lover, Taylor Swift

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at an album that is the brand new one by a Pop Princess – Lover, Taylor Swift 


I Forgot The You Existed

This song has a really cheery beat to it and it is the opening of this album – it feels like a different sound for Taylor, more pop orientated with a hint of a refreshed style. It feels like a new chapter for the singer and this song sort of highlights it with it’s lyrics and the joyful vibe.



The Man

It is obvious that dynamics have changed in Taylors life as this album really is about love, I mean it is obvious with the name of the album but also by the lyrics on the album. Whilst this song isn’t a love song it is one for the haters and sort of spins the ideology on its head. An interesting listen and a power pop song.



I Think He Knows

This song has a funky beat to it that you would probably relate to someone like Bruno Mars but when you listen to the lyrics it is obvious that it is to connote a sexy sort of vibe. This is a new sound for Taylor and the beat is heavy that is sort of addictive and you can imagine it having a dance routine to fit. The lyrics yet again the world of love and relationships.


Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Kid

The lyrics have a dark sort of twist to them and it definitely sounds political which again feels like a new approach for Swift. Whether or not you agree with the lyrics the beat is addictive and the piano that intertwines in and out of the song makes it stand out. It is one of the slower songs on the album.

Paper Rings

This song is uplifting and very jolly and has a musical melody that is hard to forget. It has a very strong pop feel to it but feels like it sort of brings in the older styles of pop music and that is a fun addition. The best thing about this song is the drum beat, it is addictive and is not used enough in modern pop music.

It’s Nice To Have A Friend

This song is a slow one but the thing I like about it is the use of instruments you do not get very often in pop music. The slow steel drums create an interesting sensation in the song and the trumpet that plays ever so often also creates a wonderful sound. The choral singing throughout sort of creates a calming and haunting song.

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