edinburgh fringe

Improv Corner – Advice For Festival Season

With Fringe just around the corner, I have decided that Improv Corner is going to take a summer break. However, to end this season of the strand, I thought it was important to talk about the festival season. I have only done 3 days at Brighton Fringe in a show but I applaud anyone doing the whole stint of the Fringe because it is intense and I am sure what I experienced in Brighton is only a tiny snippet of what the festival season is going to be. So, here is a few tips from someone inexperienced but learnt a lot over a weekend.

It’s a Bubble

One thing I found really crazy about Brighton Fringe is that you lose all sense of ‘reality’. Your life becomes Fringe Life. The outside world is not relevant to you. So if you are a fan of Current Affairs, or have family away from the Fringe be strict with yourself to try and make time for them every / every other day.

Get used to your new life schedule 

One thing I learnt from Brighton Fringe is that you can’t live to a normal schedule. Depending on what time your show is, you have to adapt yourself. In Brighton our show was at 9pm so our life became about really late nights and late wake up calls which is so weird to me as I am an early riser.

Pace Yourself

As difficult as it may be, you have to try all your might to pace yourself, whether it s with alcohol or early nights. Have fun along the way but the most important thing is you and your health. Make sure you eat well, drink water not always alcohol and have an early night ever so often. Also try and get the odd vegetable in too.

Prepare for all weather

Rain, snow, sun, sleet, tornado, blizzard! Be prepared for all weathers as you don’t know what is around the corner – especially in Scotland! I was only in Brighton for 3 days and even though it was a hot weekend we got many switches in temperature – it rained, it got cold, it got really hot. Wherever you go, make sure that you have a small umbrella and something you can pack away for when the cold kicks in.

Find Some Time Out

Sharing a pad with people you are doing a show with and socialising with is a lot of time to be thrown into a situation with a  group so no matter how hectic life gets at the Fringe, find 10 mins to an hour for ‘me time.’ Whether it is reading a book in a café, looking at your phone or laptop in your room before others wake up – find an excuse to have a bit of time out – it will be worth it and will keep you refreshed.

It is Intense

Look at this in any angle that you want but Fringe shows are really intense. Whilst I loved doing Brighton and intend to more in the future, they really are very intense – they are so much fun though so live in the moment!

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