The Games That Time Forgot – Spice World, PlayStation 1

They have just re-united and their are rumours that there is going to be another style of film but back in the nineties there was a Spice World and there was also a PlayStation 1 game. Spice World was released in 1998 it was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and was published by them as well. The game was of the music video genre and you spent the duration of the game doing dance routines to their most popular songs.

There are eleven different dance moves to learn which are done over the four buttons of the Playstation controls. As well as dancing in the game, it is broken up with various interviews and clips that reflect the film and real life including Geri Halliwell pinching Prince Charles bottom and causing havoc on a Japanese talk show.

Throughout the game you are peparing for a live show so you go through the stages of preparing for a show. Also the actual Spice Girls lent their voice to the game. Songs that are on the game include Wannabe, Say You’ll Be Mine and Spice Up Your Life. The game didn’t get the greatest of reviews and got an average of 40%

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