Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Ben Mills

Welcome to the article where we celebrate pop groups that you may of completely forgot about their music or may not of heard of them before and want to listen to something new! Today we look at a musician that came third on X Factor in 2006 – Ben Mills.

Ben Mills from Chatham in Kent auditioned for X Factor with the song Bring It On Home by Sam Cooke and was compared to a young Joe Cooker in sound by Simon Cowell. Ben went into the final and came third to winner Leona Lewis and runner up Ray Quinn. After the show ended, Mills was apparently given a five album record deal with Sony BMG and in 2007, he released his debut album Picture of You. The album was the home of his debut single Beside You.

It is not clear what the other singles were, however there were a couple covers on the album such as Maggie May and Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. Sadly the album received a lot of negative reviews from critics as the quality was not there. However, despite what the critics said, the album went into number 3 in the UK charts and became certified gold, selling 133,000 records.

Ben Mills released a second album in 2010 called Freedom which was released as a digital download. It is really hard to find information about his singles so here is a few from Ben when he was on X Factor.


Beside You


Somebody To Love





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