Improv Corner – Pre- Show Rituals

There is one thing I really enjoy asking groups when I interview them and that is if they have any pre-show rituals, I think it’s a fun question to ask as everyone is different. Before a show there is many things that I do, that I do before every single show that I perform. So before we get into group rituals let’s talk about them first.

Since my first ever improv show I ever did at the Rat Race in 2016 in Newcastle, I have listened to Panic! At The Disco both at home and on the journey to the venue. I always put it on in my house before I head out so I can lip sync and dance like a looney around the house – I feel like this puts me in such a great mood. I like listening to them on the journey of the show as well – when I first started doing shows I listened to them as a coincidence and now I do it as a sacred routine. I always find myself listening to them as their tempo of music leads me to feeling in the zone.

Another thing I enjoy doing is listening to the Backstreet Boys song Backstreets Back, This never used to be a thing until myself and Improv London’s host Stuart Moses used to tech and host shows together. Before we allowed anyone into the venue before it opened we used to play this song and sing and dance around the venue like loonies.

Before a Punders show we always do a number of exercises and warm ups that we always do – one physical, one energetic and one to do with words to get us in the zone. Doing a warm up of different types means that it allows us to focus and really get into the zone of the show.

Having pre-show rituals sort of calms the nerves and gets you focussed both independently and as a team, Think about what you do as a group and maybe you already do something and you didn’t even realise!

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