The Games That Time Forgot – Space Channel 5, Sega Dreamcast

Today we look at a game that was welcomed with really positive reviews when it was published on the Sega Dreamcast. Space Channel 5 was released in 2000, it was developed by United Game Artists and published by Sega.

The game is designed to be like a music video and is centred around a space reporter called Ulala who has to dance to save a number of hostages. In each level there is a number of dance offs to complete. In the dance offs you have to use the controller to copy the actions on the screen adn you have to make sure it is on time to the beat.

The more successful the dance int he battle happens when you get lots of the moves correct. If you get them all right you get higher ratings which means you get the higher powers to defeat opponents. If you don’t follow the moves correctly you lose lives and can also lose hostages.

Space Channel 5 has sort of created a legacy and has lead to the main character Ulala appearing  in many different games including Sonic Riders, Samba deAmigo and Project X Zone 2 just to name a few.

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