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The Travel Book – Madame Tussauds, New York City, USA

When you go on holiday the one thing you want to do is go to tourist attractions. A lot of things like some Museums that are gimmicky and everywhere you probably wouldn’t visit unless you were in a place for a few weeks and not just a weekend or a few days. I would say the same goes for Madame Tussaurds in New York City, if you don’t have children, then you don’t tend to go there unless you are there for a  few weeks as there is so much to see in the Big Apple.

Madame Tussaurds in New York City is located on 42nd Street and is open daily from 9am. The museum franchise has been around for 200 years and has been the host to millions of tourists. If you have never been to one, or maybe never heard of them then let me explain what it actually is. Madame Tussaurds is a wax museum with replicas of all your favourite actors, actresses and singers that allows you to get up close. Over the years it has also been home to interactive exhibitions as well.

At the New York Tussards uyou can see the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Barack Obama, Jimmy Fallon, Bruce Willis and even E.T just to name a few. Currently at the NYC location you can experience Marvel 4D, celebrate the return of Ghostbusters and experience the 7D experience – Mission: Undead.


When I lived in NYC in 2010 I visited Madam Tussaurds as I had never done it before and wanted to experience it in the Big Apple. I went as soon as it opened in the morning to avoid the queues and I really enjoyed it. I remember it being quite big and that there was a lot to see. It is one of them attractions that once you have seen it, you may not want to visit again for a long while as it is really touristy.

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