Improv Corner – Got To Get Yourself Connected!

One thing you learn very quickly over time when you are part of an improv troupe is that social media is a key part of your team, it is basically your extra member. It may sound silly but social media plays a key part in your team as it promotes you to not just your friends and family but also potential audiences you optimise your posts correctly.

I am not here to tell you how to get thousands of followers (follow or talk to the Improv Boost  / David Escobedo for that), instead I am going to talk a few points as to why social media needs to become your best friend.

* It’s efficient and a cheap way to promote shows – This is probably the most obvious thing – if you have a show, social media is the best and easiest way to get it out there. Tagging venues in posts and tweets maybe even get a retweet from them as well to promote to their audiences who may also have an interest which is an added bonus. If you have support acts be sure to tag them too as they may share your posts to their audiences.

* Get connected to all sites – Whilst Facebook and Twitter seem the most obvious sites to connect to as a group but another one you should really consider is Instagram. I have spoken to so many people about whether they use it and a lot don’t and I get so surprised. Instagram is a place you can really engage with your audiences – we have had improvisers contact us through it more then Facebook. I think Instagram is fascinating place for promoting improv. When I started using it more for The Phoenix I totally understood it’s uses and it is a great way to gather more traffic.

* Be Creative – The great thing social media can do is heighten the world of play within your team. As you bond, you start to realise that you can actually use it to develop your creativity as you can be really creative with what you can do.

*Don’t Compare – I find that this is the hardest thing sometimes as an improv group is that you always feel like you are in direct competition. You have to disassociate and focus on YOU. It can be so hard but don’t compare yourself with other teams – be who you are and don’t try to be like others because they are ‘cool.’ People will eventually come to you if they like your content.

I hope these little list of points help especially when you are starting out and remember, if you ever want a show promoted you can contact us as well!


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