The Games That Time Forgot – Pokémon Puzzle Challenge, Game Boy Color

Today we look at a Pokémon game that was released on Game Boy Color. Pokémon Puzzle was released in 2000, it was developed by Intelligent Systems and Published by Nintendo. The game is different to the other Pokémon games that were available at the time as it is solely puzzle based.

In the game you get to choose to play as characters such as Pikachu, Totodile and Chikonita, In the game you play a number of puzzle based games to win the ability to play as different characters. In each game, players have to meet goal achievements and beat opponents by making sure that their coloured blocks do not meet the top.  You have the ability to play in either single player mode or multi-player in a variety of different modes including Marathon, Time Zone, Line Clear and Garbage!

The game was welcomed with a hugely positive reception. It has been listed as the 13th best Game Boy Color game due to it’s addictive game play that was apparently really fun.

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