Off The Record – ALBUM FOCUS – All American, Nick Carter

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at an album by a member of the Backstreet Boys and since they are on tour in Europe, why not celebrate their solo music – All American, Nick Carter



If you are a fan or have heard of any of Backstreet Boys music then this music won’t really be a surprise but it also isn’t that band. This whole album you can tell that he is trying to be something different and it has a more guitar pop base to it to sort of connote the ‘bad boy’ style of Nick or the edgier side I suppose you can call it. This song is actually quite catchy it has a fun chorus that you will find will easily get caught in your head and want to sing along with.

Second Wind

This song sort of intertwines through the flat notes in the verse that create a quirky musical style. The trumpet in the bridge makes this song have a fun chilled vibe to it and the chorus sort of brings everything together. A fun little pop album track.


Whilst this is pure pop it is Intertwined with both a guitar style as well as the odd maraca style to emphasis the lyrics of the song. It has an interesting guitar melody that is played throughout. When you get to near the end of the song it becomes more of a melody with trumpets involved too.

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