The Bristol Improv Theatre – Improv Destination of the South West

Hello! It’s Luke from The Bristol Improv Theatre here. I just wanted to let you know some of our favourite groups that have travelled to come perform with us in the last couple of years. Whether it’s from London, Oxford or overseas, we have been attracting some incredible acts to come perform in the UK’s first dedicated improv theatre.


  1. The RH Experience

Youtube stars The RH Experience have performed with us three times, and have loved coming to us every time and the feeling is mutual! They have done a variety of shows including using our projector to do scenes inspired by live illustration.


2. The Adventures of The Improvised Sherlock Holmes

This was a great show and was also notable for just how busy it was! We managed to fit 117 people into our black box theatre for what ended up becoming an incredible night from the Edinburgh Fringe favourites, who promptly jet setted off to Australia to perform at the Adelaide and Perth fringes.


3. North Coast

This sticks out especially as it was such an amazing night. NYC Hip-hop improv group North Coast came over the pond for a UK tour and we were lucky to host them in November 2018. It was such a different, more bombastic energy than we usually have here, and featured an incredible opening beatbox solo!

We are looking forward to welcoming more incredible visiting improv acts this summer including Do Not Adjust Your Stage, The Same Faces and The Dragprov Revue. Check out our website to see all of the upcoming shows:

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