The Games That Time Forgot – Salmon Run, Atari 8 Bit

Today we look at a game that was released on the Atari 8 Bit and was the first game that Bill Williams worked on in his career- Salmon Run. Salmon Run was released in 1982, it was published by Atari Program Exchange and developed by Bill Williams. The game was 1-4 players and was classed as the genre of action.

In the game, you take on the role of Sam the Salmon as he attempts ti swim up the river to his mate. You have to avoid all the enemies along the way including waterfalls, bears, fishermen who try and eat him. If you make it up to the top of the river you are met and kissed by a female salmon.

The game received positive reviews with people commenting on the unusual gameplay of saving things and not destroying them. It also got praised for its remarkably life like sounds effects.

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