Improv Corner – The Dream Team

I saw a post recently on the Improv Networks on Social Media discussing which improvisers you would want to be part of your dream improv team. I went away from this post (which I think was created by Ben Hall of Fat Penguin improv  – forgive me if I am wrong) thinking about this and decided to create a post.  I have decided to play this game strictly on improviser that are famously known on the circuit – I know a lot of highly talented improvisers but i don’t want to forget anyone so thought I would make it less personal.

Ryan Styles

When I was a kid, I used to have to wake up really early to go to the childminders before school and Whose Line Is It Anyway was always on the television. I don’t remember much about it apart from that Ryan Styles always used to make me laugh a lot because he was so goofy. Even to this day his wackiness can make me laugh out loud.

Colin Mochrie

You cannot have Ryan without Colin – they are so funny to watch together as they really Yes And a scene and take it to a whole another level. This would be the dream having them on a team because their object and character work is a whole another level. Although, saying that I would spend the time watching them more then performing.

Jeff B Davies

I came across Jeff when I went and saw Whose Line Is It Anyway live in 2016 and since then have become a huge fan of his. The one thing that I like about Jeff is that he really thinks outside the box and comes up with the craziest characters that would be the last thing you would imagine being created in a scene and it is great as it is so much fun and also blooming hilarious! You would definitely want someone like Jeff in your Dream Team improv troupe as he will take the show to the next level.

Steve Carell

He is one of my favourite actors and I know that he is one hell of an improviser. I would love the opportunity to see him perform improv in person he is so talented and so naturally funny that it would be great fun. I loved reading various autobiographies by the stars of The Office U.S as they have so many great stories to tell about him and his improvisation skills.


Josie Lawrence

If you are going to have an improv team you have to have the queen of musical improv – Josie Lawrence is a legend and to be able to sing and improvised song with her would be amazing!

Wayne Brady

I have always been a huge fan of Wayne Brady and he can really make me laugh out loud when I see him do any improv game. He is such a talented improviser and he is also a very giving one – he always makes sure to give his scene partner some great offers to make sure that they can go to the same elevation as him.

There are so many others that I wanted to add to the list but I will have to keep that for another time. impro

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