Comedy Clicks – This Week -The Road To Brexit

Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best sitcoms and comedy shows from both the UK and the USA.

Today we will be looking at a comedy that was only a one off comedy special looking at a topic that is on everyone’s mind in the UK at the moment in a light hearted way – The Road To Brexit. 



About the Show

Summary of Plot

Matt Berry offers his unique take on Brexit in this comedy special..- IMDb


Number of Seasons / Episodes

 1 Episode



Matt Berry – Michael Squeamish
Natasha Demetriou – Jemima Codex-Forrester
Simon Greenall – Vox Pop Peter
Alex Macqueen – Charles Brazton
Ann Mitchell – Vox Pop Pamela



  • .Aired on BBC 2
  • Squeamish tells the story of Britain with random archive footage, the stock video every news and current affairs producer has to use to “paint over” abstract ideas and historical narrative.
  • Aired 26th March 2019
  • Director & Producer: Hannah Mackay



Brexit the big issues answered



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