Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – K.P and Envyi

Today we look at a duo that were around in the late nineties that became popular due a single that went into the top 10 – welcome to the world of K.P and Envyi. The duo was formed of Khia Philips and Susan Hedgepath and even though they created songs together they were not a real group they were two separate artists. K.P was actually part of the band Kapers and Envyi was a solo artist.

 In 1997 the girls were featured on the track Swing My Way which was produced by Mixzo. The song was released on the 27th October 1997 and it did really well in the charts – it reached number 3 in the Uk R&B charts and number 14 in the normal and in the US it reached number 6 in the Billboard Hot 100. The single went certified Gold and sold over 600,000 records.

 So today let’s remind ourselves of this song that did so well at the end of the nineties.

Swing My Way

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