Improv Corner – Finding Love…..

I got asked a really interesting question the other day and was one of the first proper conversations I had with a new improviser – do people find love in improv? This I found was a very difficult question to answer because I wasn’t really sure how to answer it as there are so many ways I wanted to answer it. The first thing I said was, which I felt was the most important thing to mention of all  – if you are doing improv specifically only to find a partner then you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not naïve, I know many people that have fallen in love or been in relationships with people they have met in improv, I am not going to sit here and deny that I haven’t been attracted to fellow improvisers as well, because I have but to put it bluntly – it is not like speed dating or a dating club. People that tend to do improv are there because they enjoy the comedy art form and also because it is a lot of fun!

People fall for people with similar interests,  so it is totally possible but what I am trying to get at, which is what I also made clear to the person that I was talking to, you should not just do improv if you are wanting a date. Improv is all about playing in a safe space and if your mind is in other places then that safe space can be disrupted. This isn’t always the case but I have heard stories from other improvisers about similar situations.

I was told by one person that they felt uncomfortable by someone in a lesson because they were using their scenes as a way to hit on fellow improvisers and was making that gender feel uncomfortable doing scenes with that person.

Whilst that is an extreme example someone doing improv only for love or other things I think it is important to mention that love in improv is a wonderful thing. Some of the people I know who are in relationships with fellow improvisers have some of the best relationships that I know and if you find that special someone through the art of play and silliness then that is great!

I want to end this article by finishing off what I said to this person about love and improv. Whilst improv is a great way to meet new people and potentially your next boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, you should really look at the love that improv is actually giving you as a person.

Love from improv isn’t just about finding a person to have a relationship with, improv creates a love that is full of joy and fun. It welcomes you into a comedy family, it makes you laugh more, it makes you see a lighter side of life and whilst you may not find a perfect partner you will definitely of found a hobby that will be with you for the rest of your life – and surely that is a great commitment to have in regardless to what else comes with it!

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