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The Travel Book – The American Diaries – The Last Diaries and The Most Magical Place On Earth

I love to travel as I am sure you aware from all of the articles I write on a weekly basis. I ever so often keep diaries but sometimes when you are on the move it can be hard to remember to keep them up. One of the times I did write every day was when I lived in NYC for three months in the summer of 2010. As part of our university course we had to do work experience, I knew one of my friends was going abroad so I thought I would join them and take a jump and go to NYC. I was 21 and it was my first time travelling on my own so I wanted to document it. So, this month I am going to share some of my diaries as well as some articles here and there about certain things I visited in NYC.

Today we visit the diaries for the last time and we return back to Orlando for the last few days. This was about 8 weeks after Harry Potter World opened.



Today we went to Universal Studios. We started off at Island Adventure and went to the Harry Potter World, it was awesome. We went on the Hulk which was very fast but very fun. The queue was insane. We then went on a water ride as well. We then had lunch and headed to the Studios. The Simpson ride is amazing, all 3D but BEST simulator EVER!!!! Went on ET ride and Twister ride as well, awesome day

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 14.03.13




Went to Disney Magic Kingdom today! Was fun, we went on rides such as Aladdin’s Magic Carpet, Pirates Of The Caribbean, the train rollercoaster, Winnie The Pooh, Lili and Stitch etc. Was really fun, saw the Mickey Mouse show outside the castle and saw the whole park, it was really fun. For dinner we had Chilis take out and had ribs, corn and mashed potato.

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 14.05.01

Last day at the most magical place on earth

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