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The Travel Book – The American Diaries – Long Island and Gatecrashing Joseph Gordon-Levitt…

I love to travel as I am sure you aware from all of the articles I write on a weekly basis. I ever so often keep diaries but sometimes when you are on the move it can be hard to remember to keep them up. One of the times I did write every day was when I lived in NYC for three months in the summer of 2010. As part of our university course we had to do work experience, I knew one of my friends was going abroad so I thought I would join them and take a jump and go to NYC. I was 21 and it was my first time travelling on my own so I wanted to document it. So, this month I am going to share some of my diaries as well as some articles here and there about certain things I visited in NYC.

I was working at a summer camp a lot of the time I was there so the diary entries just about work I have got rid of as they are repetitive however I am now going to skip to the weekend after the last one. 


Hi! The family showcase went well today. All the children finished off their projects and then we did the pizza lunch and raffle like we always do. After family showcase we had a staff meeting to plan next week.



Went to Long Island today with Moose and Any to Ryan’s BBQ it was good! Huntingdon is very pretty and the house was big even though it looked small on the outside. The people were really friendly and I had a great time.


Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 19.21.52Hi! I left the house party early as didn’t really want to be around Long Island for too long as I knew I had a busy day ahead. I was also feeling really homesick and wanted to have time on my own. Even though I only drove through the area once I have a pretty good photographic memory and managed to find my way to the train station. I jumped on an early train and walked through New York like I would do to get to Central Station. I walked along a street thinking that it as a bit early in the morning, a Sunday Morning for a huge traffic jam made up of lots of taxis but didn’t think a lot of it. Then suddenly someone started shouting at me angrily – I had apparently walked onto a film set with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and they were filming right then! It was a film called Premium Rush and I saw him on top of a taxi with a girl at the end of the road.


Hi! This evening went to see Toy Story 3 with the girls, it was sad at the end but a great night!


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