Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Dane Bowers

Today we look at another solo artist that came from a successful band and then tried to make it as a solo star after everything broke apart. Dane Bowers was part of the successful group Another Level and they broker up in 2000 and that is where we pick up this career.

When he left the band he went straight into solo music by teaming up with the UK Garage act True Steppers. In 2000 Dane wrote and fronted the songs Buggin (which reached number 6 in the UK chart) and Out Of Your Mind that also starred Victoria Beckham (which reached number 2 in the UK charts).

Dane Bowers continued his solo career by releasing a few more songs in 2001 however this time he went by the name of Dane. The first song was called Shut Up and Forget About It which is rumoured to be written about the relationship he had with the model Jordan, it reached number 9.

The next single he released was called Another Lover which also reached number 9 in the UK Charts. These two singles were meant to be off the album Facing The Crowd, however it was never released and he was dropped from his label.

So lets have a look at the solo music of Dane today.



Out Of Your Mind feat Victoria Beckham


Shut Up and Forget About It


Another Lover

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