Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – A Month Of Pairs Special Edition – Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

Back in the late nineties, early noughties there was a couple in the music industry that sort of was one of the key duos hitting the headlines. Not just because of their music but also because their relationship was everywhere including a reality television show.

In 1998 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey released the duet that was called ‘Where You Are’. This is the first song that the couple ever released professionally together, they also went onto release other singles such as A Whole New World and Baby It’s Cold Outside.

The music video was very simple and consisted of Nick and Jessica singing to each other with a slight colour tone to the editing. The song was released off the album Sweet Kisses and was officially released on the 2nd January 2000. The song did not chart well at all – instead it only reached number 62 in the US Hot Billboard 100.

The song is known to have come an Adult Contemporary hit and also won two awards at the Teen Choice Awards 2000 including Choice Breakout and Choice Love Song. So, today lets reminisce this couples part love and listen to one of their singles.

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