The Games That Time Forgot – A Month Of Pairs Special Edition – M&M’s Kart Racing, Nintendo Wii

They are a sweet that are absolutely everywhere and also even have their own shops (although to be honest I do not see the point of the shop in the UK since we have limited flavours) but there was a time when M&M’s ventured into the world of computer games.

M&M’s Kart Racing was released in 2009 on the Nintendo Wii, it was published by Zoo Digital and developed by Frontline Studios. The game like a lit of the games on the wii was multiplayer and it was the fifth game in the world of the chocolate.

In the game the player gets to choose to ride one of seven race vehicles as well as choose from a lot of different locations as well. Just like other race games the aim was to compete and win. There were many different locations that you could race in, including on sand, water or even ice.

Throughout the game you could collect coffee cups which would give you a speed boost or chocolate coins as well that are just there to be collected. To make the car move it also had a different function to other Wii games as you spun the controller.

The game is rated one of the worst games in history due to so many flaws. Reviewers ripped the game apart with some even saying its hilariously atrocious and is a way NOT to build a racer game. It is really hard to control and to turn the car.

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