A Month of Pairs – MUSIC FEATURE – Favourite Duets {Part 2}

This month we are exploring the world of pairs and I thought that it was only right to share some of my own favourite duets. There are so many songs that I like that are sung by more then one person and from so many different genres. So I thought over the next few weeks I would welcome you to my world and some of the many duets that I really like and reasons why. This is the second part with lots more musical fun.

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt – What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

I cannot even remember how I came across this song but I really loved it. I really adore Zooey and Joseph collaborations and their voices really compliment each other so well. This is such a great song and I really adore the musical set up that they have created.

Rocky Gervais and Constantine – I’m Number One

I love the Muppets and one of the things I love about the Muppets is the comedy factor that also comes with it. When I saw the film Muppets Most Wanted, I fell in love with this song right from the start as Ricky Gervais really takes the Mickey out of himself as well and it makes it such a fun scenario.

Enrique and Pitbull – I like It 

There are so many Enrique and Pitbull songs so there is a lot to choose from but this is a song that I really like. It is a great catchy little number with a great beat and musical set up. The other thing that I really like is the music video as well – it plays with the elements and

Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown – No Air

This song is so pretty, I have always liked this song as it has a lot of lovely lyrics and the song has a really nice chorus. Whatever you think of Chris Brown it does not matter, the one thing I like about this song is how their voices compliment each other. However I have seen Jordan perform this live and it works just as well as a solo song too.

Alicia Keys and Jay Z –  Empire State Of Mind

I am not really a fan of Jay Zs music but I really like this version of the Alicia Keys song. it brings so many memories back to me as around the time that this song was released it was around the time I went and lived in New York City for a few months and loved every second. I love the chorus and it always makes me smile.

George Michel  and Elton John –  Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

I do not remember the first time I heard this song but I have always liked it, I always find that it is a song that is highly underrated and more praise should be given to it. I really like George Michael singing on this song and really love the chorus even though it is a sad song it also feels uplifting

Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor – Fit As A Fiddle 

I am a huge fan of Singin’ In The Rain and this song I absolutely adore. I love Donald O’Connor and this song is so much fun and so jolly that it is automatically uplifting and fun! It is a short song but it just makes it so fun and exciting!

Nelly and Kelly Rowland – Dilemma 

I always liked this song when it came out as it had a really different sound to a lot of other duets that were out there. Also there was no escaping it as this song was EVERYWHERE when it was released. I love this song looking back at it now as there are so many errors in the music video that it is so great – writing a text in Excel?! PURE GOLD!

More next week 

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