Welcome To A Month Of Pairs

They always say that two is better than one and this month I wanted to explore that as a feature! There are so many great improv acts, sorry i mean twoprov acts that are popping up all over the place and I wanted to dedicate a month to promoting just a handful of what the UK improv scene has to offer in the form of pairs.

As well as that we are also going to exploring the world of two in other regular features as well such as Forgotten Pop! The duets you may of forgotten about and even special features that focus on film, television, music and much much more!

Everyone always focuses on the idea of Valentines Day and Love in February but there are so many great things that come in pairs that are not romance related and I felt this was a great thing to look at this month.

A month of everything that is a pair and something that we can all celebrate in it’s entirety!  I will have to apologise to any fruit enthusiasts, i can’t guarantee there will be an article about pears.

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