Off The Record – ALBUM FOCUS – DNA, The Backstreet Boys

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at an album that was released only yesterday. The group are celebrating their 25th year as a band this year and are going on a world tour this year – DNA, The Backstreet Boys 


Nobody Else

This is the second song on the album and it has a mix feel of electronic and pop to it, whilst it still has a generic Backstreet Boys feel to it, the song also is very modern. It is a slow song and feels throughout that there is a bridge that will lead to a chorus but it becomes evident that the chorus is very different to what you expect. It is a mature sound for the group.



The thing that you recognise straight away with this song is the plucky bassline on this song and Nick Carter singing in a different chord which is very effective. This song is quite funky and very different to other Backstreet Boys songs. It is a very unique album track and the musical interlude is really what makes this song unique and very fun.



This song is a slow one of the album but it is very classic Backstreet Boys – it has a real old school vibe to it and that is a great thing. This year the group celebrate their 25th year as a group and going back to their roots is a really nice touch.




This is a really up tempo song on the album and one of the highlights, one of the fun things about the song is that it starts of with a beat made out of something that sounds like a rhythmic clapping. The chorus is uplifting and has a feel of acoustic to it.

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