Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Doop

A new year means new forgotten music and we start off the year with a Dutch dance group who caught the ears of the Brits in the nineties. Doop was a duo called Ferry Ridderhof and Peter Garnefski that were classed as a Dance Music Production.

The group were known for releasing music that was both dance based and electro swing. In 1994 they released the dance track Doop that did really well in the UK. It was so popular it went to number 1 and it is also got gold certification too. The song also did well stateside as well and reached number 2.

The duo went onto release a few more singles in the nineties including Huckleberry Jam, Wan Too and Ridin’ that did not chart as well as Doop. So let’s have a look at what music the group released.



Huckleberry Jam

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