The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Centre National De La Bande Dessinee, Angouleme, France

The city of Angouleme is spred out over a hill and if you go to the bottom of that hill there is a wonderful little river and just a bridge walk away is a museum that you must go and see as it is a huge part of the culture of the town.

If you walk around Angouleme you will notice many cartoon illustrations and that is because two very famous cartoon artists are from the town. The museum had approximately 59,000 visitors in 2010.


The museum is dedicated to comics and images and it has galleries, exhibitions and a specialised public library all related to the media form.

Angouleme is the home to an annual International Comics Festival. The museum was opened to make sure that the culture of the comic was stored in a place for all to see.


The museum is somewhere where exhibitions change throughout the year but they are worth seeing. The one I went to was very interesting and really created an insight into the comedy of French comics.

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