The Games That Time Forgot – Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt, PlayStation 2

There was a game on the PlayStation 2 that I loved playing when I was a kid, so much so that I kept it and recently played it again for the first time in years and still loved it just as much as I did back in the day. It may not of been the best graphics or gameplay in the world but Animaniacs The Great Edgar Hunt is just pure pleasure with its lovely music, story and ideology that if you can get hold of it this year you should give it a try.

The game was released in 2005 and was developed by Warthog and published by Ignition Entertainment. The game was based around an enemy being called  C C Deville being overlooked for Edgar nominations (similar to Oscars) and stealing them threatening to kept them down. He crashes into the Warner Brothers water tower and it is then up to the Animaniacs to recover the 44 that he has lost that have scattered across many film sets.

The game received average reviews from the critics with an average of 7/10 score. Throughout the game you have to complete a variation of challenges and tasks to gain the Edgar’s back. Also you can play as Pinky and the Brain and take on mini tasks to try and take over the world. It’s really good fun.

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