HAPPY NEW YEAR! – A Message From The Editor

Happy New Year to all of our readers we hope that you have a fantastic 2019. For us, 2018 was an amazing year, we got lots of new regular readers (hello to you!) we got to interview some amazing acts (so many of you too many to list!) and we tried to welcome a lot more variation in articles with new writers (thank you to all of you) and new features.

Well a new year means a lot of the same whilst also introducing a lot of new things along the way! We are thrilled to announce that we are having a brand new writer called Dave who is going to write some improv related articles for us this year! He has just moved all the way from the States to the UK and he has his hands in so many different projects already so we are happy to have him on board!

I never thought I would be saying this because in 2013 it seemed impossible to even finish it but the book that is behind the feature Question Roulette is nearly completed and will be by approx March / April! Do not worry though as plans are already in place for the feature that is replacing it and it’s  going to be a good one!

We aim to try and cover even more improv this year and will try our best to cover even more Edinburgh Fringe and Camden as well as the small improv and comedy festivals along the way.

There are also a lot more features in the works but all will be revealed in due course. So thank you for being a reader and here is to a great 2019!

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