Comedian of the Year – Hannah Gadsby

It has been a big year for Hannah Gadsby and it all started with the release of her 2018 Netflix stand up special Nanette. I have never heard so many people talk about one stand up show so much on social media until Nanette came along. Even people I know that do not even watch stand up are raving about it and made the effort to watch the Netflix special.

The show really deconstructs the ideology of stand up comedy and makes some really strong points and that is why it has made such an impact on a huge number of people this year. The show holds a 100% approval rating on rotten tomatoes and was praised for its modern comedy and honesty.

The success has not stopped with Netflix  – in December she won an award for ‘best performance in a Television Comedy’ at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards.

This year has truly been a great one for Hannah as she has really highlighted some important issues whilst also challenging the format of what comedy is and that is why she is our choice of comedian of the year!

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