Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Madison Avenue

If you were a kid at the end of the nineties then this is one bands song that you would of spent ages in the playground learning the dance routines over and over again. If you were not, then let me welcome you to the world of Madison Avenue.

Madison Avenue were formed in 1999 and were a duo between writer / producer Any Van Dorsselaer and Singer Cheyne Coates. The first single they released together was called Fly and featured Kellie Wolfgram as the singer. However their first official single that made them an international phenomenon was the song Don’t Call Me Baby which they released in 1999. It went to number 1 in the charts in New Zealand, The UK and on the US Dance chart. The single sold a whopping 400,000 copies in the UK alone.

The next single Who The Hell Are You did pretty well also and reached number 1 in Australia and the US Dance Chart and number 10 in the UK. Madison Avenue only ever released on album and that was The Polyester Embassy which was released in 2000 and reached number in the Australian charts.

In 2003, the band broke up but Cheyne went on to pursue a solo career and Andy Van went on to create the band Vandalism. So let’s have a look at their catchy songs today and dance along to them one more time.

Don’t Call Me Baby 

Who The Hell Are You?


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