The Travel Book – Holiday Inn – Kensington Forum, London

Your visiting London for an event, a night or even a holiday and you want a hotel that isn’t quite central but within easy access to central London that doesn’t take too long. Well if you are looking for a hotel that is reasonably priced and right next to a tube station then why no give Holiday Inn Kensington Forum a try.

If you are heading to the airport but want one more night in London then this is the perfect hotel as well as it is right next to the tube station Gloucester Road that has connections on the Piccadilly to Heathrow of the Circle and District if you need to get to Victoria for the train to Gatwick Airport.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 16.16.42

The hotel has a whopping 906 rooms and 27 floors, there is a variety of rooms that you can book as well and all vary in price depending on when you book it and what time.

I stayed in this hotel recently when I had my Christmas party in central London, the room I had was a standard room. OK so it isn’t rooms that will take your breath away but they are comfy rooms with all the amenities you will want. Also the one highlight I found about this hotel was that it was quiet at night – this can be really hard to find in London. The one thing I loved about this hotel is the view. I was only floor 14 but the view of the London Skyline was amazing. I really recommend you give this hotel a try.

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