That Time At Christmas When – A Department Store Made Things Magical…

I don’t know how many of you will remember Allders, to be fair they didn’t shut down that many years ago but things move at such a pace now that things get forgotten. Well, Allders was a department store, I remember always going to my local one when I was a kid and shopping in there with family alot.

The one thing I do have a few memories of is Christmas in Allders. It was always the place you went, especially if you were seeing father Christmas. I remember my family always taking me there as a kid and the reasons were because they always did the best Christmas displays and adventures to his grotto.

I don’t remember that much, because in late nineties you never really took photos all the time, but I do have distant memories of one year where it was a journey to the north Pole and there was loads of moving penguins everywhere getting up to mischief.

It is a shame that Allders has shut down because they really knew how to make Christmas magical for children!

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