The Games That Time Forgot – Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver, Xbox

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 15.16.47Today we look at a game that was made for the original Xbox and is also considered one of the worse ones as well. Welcome to the world of Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver. The game was released the 25th September 2002 and was published by BAM! Entertainment and Developed by I-Imagine Interactive.

In the game you play as a professional stuntwoman and the aim is to perform as many stunts as you possibly can in the game. The story comes in that you are working for a really famous Director on all of his films and you are competing against your arch nemesis rival Rick Bean.

In the game there are a variety of different modes that you can play including Challenge Mode, Career Mode and Multiplayer. In the career mode you visit a number of different locations with films of different genres including A gangster film, a post-apocalyptic film and a spy film.

The game got negative reviews because it was a game solely about car trick and there were games on the Xbox that were so much better then this game. The tricks were not that great and the game was criticised for being boring.

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