Off The Record – 2018 Album Special – Ariana Grande

It is coming to the end of the year which means that we are going to start looking at some of the albums that have been released over the past 12 months. Just like the regular version of this article we are only going to look at album tracks. Some we have mentioned in snippets before or even reviewed but some we haven’t even mentioned! Some we will not mention as we have done Off The Record articles on them recently. Today we look at an album that was released in August of this year – Sweetener, Ariana Grande. 

Blazed feat Pharrell Williams

This song is very jazzy and has a real Pharrell feel about it. The drums are really fun in this song and makes it quite groovy. Ariana and Pharrells voices actually blend really well together and it is a really good song.


This has a very unusual sound about it and is sort of like a remix between pop and rnb. The song highlights Arianas singing abilities whilst also shining light on the uniqie sound she brings.


This is a slower song on the album but it is a song with a good set of lyrics. It has a lot of heavy bass to this song. There is a mix between half talking and singing melodies. The chorus is quite addictive

Borderline feat Missy Elliot

This song sort of has a summer vibe and a very unusual music composition but due to the fact its a collaboration with Missy Elliot it works increasingly well.

Pete Davidson

This year has all been about Ariana and Pete as a couple as it has been on every newspaper and magazine at some point. So even though they are not together any more it still makes sense to highlight this song.

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