I will say this now outright before we go any further – I HATE working over the Christmas period. Before I started going away for the holidays I would always try and avoid working over Christmas but sadly one year I had to – which sucked. I don’t remember having to work many shifts but I know that I had to work Boxing Day and that was rubbish.

I was at university in Bournemouth so my mum came down for Christmas and stayed in my home. It was an ok Christmas, not the best, not the worst but then I had to work the day after. I was working in a cafe on the beach and we had been told that normally over the holidays the weather is awful and noone will come to the beach. Well sods law will have it to be one of the hottest Boxing Days on record which meant EVERYONE came to the beach.

The cafe was understaffed because it was Christmas and it was overcrowded because we were the only thing open pretty much on the coast – it was horrible. It was a really horrible shift. Not just because you had to work double the amount and do double the amount of tasks in the cafe but also you had to be around other families enjoying their Christmas. It was dreadful.

From that year onwards I vowed never EVER to work Christmas Eve or Boxing day ever again….