Improv Diaries – The Last Show of 2018….[Case Study: Punderstandably Improv]

This week marked the last week of 2018 that I will be doing improv so that means no more Diaries until the new year! Don’t be too sad thought because there is still some fun things to talk about this week!

This week has been a very eventful on for the world of Punders, we have booked in coaching with someone amazing (will reveal all in the new year) did our last show of the year and have a new addition to the team. Their name? Key-Diddy and in the new year we aim to use him as a musical addition in some of our games!!

This week we also had our last show of the year which was at the Hoopla Improv Clubhouse evening. There was only three of the eight of us that could play but we wanted to make it a great show no matter what. Due to the fact that it was a Christmas themed night we made sure that we did a set that was high energy and above all fun. We opened the second half and we played lines from a play, cinema date with a Christmas twist, mirrors and emotional rollercoaster. We did this all whilst wearing goofy Christmas hats and glasses. It was a good gig and we got a good response from the audience.

So it was a good last show for the year and whilst we all deserve a nice break over the festive period, I cannot wait until 2019 as we already have shows lined up until October!

Case Study – Punderstandably Improv


There really was only one thing I wanted to put as the case study this week and that was Punderstandably. We have been together for nearly two years now which is crazy, but this year has been our biggest year by far. We have had a year of changing line ups and the most shows we have ever had.

The one thing that I am most proud about is the fact that we started to hold our own night this year called Improv Towers. It was a lot of work to originally fine tune the concept but it has been very successful. We have had so many lovely people turn up to our shows and the reception has always been phenomenal. We have done three shows this year that we have hosted and whilst we have slightly changed the concept on the way, it has always worked well and that has been good.

In the new year we are aiming to try and make Improv Towers bigger and better then before. At our last show we did a new concept where the game order was chosen by the audience and it worked really well and the response was great that we are going to develop it in the new year.

This year has been a really busy one but we have bonded and developed really well as a team. The new members are fantastic as well and have settled in really easily and I cannot wait to see what we create next year!


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