Off The Record – 2018 Album Special – Simulation Theory, Muse

It is coming to the end of the year which means that we are going to start looking at some of the albums that have been released over the past 12 months. Just like the regular version of this article we are only going to look at album tracks. Some we have mentioned in snippets before or even reviewed but some we haven’t even mentioned! Some we will not mention as we have done Off The Record articles on them recently. Today we look at an album that was released in November  of this year – Simulation Theory, Muse . 


This is the first song on the album and it is personally one of my favourite openers to a Muse album since Absolution. The thing I love about this song is the use of electronica and classic intertwined together. The strings and the piano elevate this song to a completely different level and that is why it is so good. It really has a sense of classic Muse intertwined with something new and that is really exciting.


This song has a dirty bass chorus and that is what makes this song phenomenal. It really is a fantastic song as the verses have an element of sexy to it that feel like it could be pulled off of a Prince album. This contrasts well with the really heavy chorus and funnily enough compliment each other extremely well.

Break It To Me

There are two things that really stand out in this song, the first is the extremely fast lyrics and the second is the unique sound on the guitar and how well it compliments the drum beat.

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