Comedy Book Corner – It’s Not Me, It’s Them, Joel Dommett

This was a book I never really planned to read, well I did because I saw it was a book and I aim to read a lot of comedian books but it is one that I didn’t plan to go out my way to read. I have always found Joel Dommett to be one of those comedians that is always there on the circuit but one that I have never really paid attention to AND just like his book has stated and joked about throughout, I did get him mixed up with Rick Edwards a lot.

It was not that I had anything against Joel, if he was on a podcast I listened to then I would listen along but I would never go out my way to see him do a set. He was a good looking lad but I was not a fan of his voice – again not nice to judge but I found it a tad irritating.

HOWEVER saying all that with his popularity rising because of I’m A Celeb I was one of those people that started to follow him on Insta and think of him as alright. I still don’t really think of him as a comedian because I never really followed his stand up but I always sort of see him as a presenter and someone who aces  social media. These little things persuaded me into reading his book. It was not one I was going out of my way to read but at the same time added it to the reading list because I felt I had to read it.

It is not your average book by a comedian, instead it is focussed on his love life more then anything else. I knew from working in television and working on shows that regularly interview people in the public eye how his book ended as he declared it on one of these programmes so I was already irritated going into it. However, it is written in such a way that actually it changed my opinion.

Firstly, I really like the way that it is written, the way that he has set the stories within a story I thought that was a very clever way to create a love story sort of scenario. His aim as a teen was to find ‘the one’ by sleeping with 40 people and it is sort of his adventures in regards to that. Joel doesn’t really shy away from the truth and really does go into the nitty gritty even when it makes him look bad.

The book as a whole made me see him in a completely different light and made me appreciate him more as a comedian. Whilst I was still really irritated I knew the ending of the book, it did not ruin for me, however I do think there needed to be an extra chapter at the end it did feel a bit cliche and I hate to say it cheesy. The main problem I had though was that all stories he went in depth and the ending was short and not really explained int he same depth.

It is an easy read, a fun read and one you should have a go at – valentines day is just round the corner – why not give it a read for then?

Readibilty Rating – 7/10 

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