Let’s Talk About….The Best Kind Of Laughter

This month we are talking about a different topic every day to sort of bring you variety and to maybe even start a discussion at the end of each article. All the topics have been researched and been taken off of other 30 day challenges

lets talk


I love to laugh and there are many things that i could sit here and write about what I feel is the best kind of laughter but to be honest with you there is only one type of laugher I want to talk to you about – comfort laughter.

I listen to A LOT of comedy but there are some acts that I love so much that I sort of see the as a comfort blanket – something that no matter how I am feeling, I can watch over and over again and it will always make me laugh out loud and feel happy no matter what.

I find one of these people that is this in particular is Lee Evans – this all came around when I was at university. I had a dissertation to write, I had finished all of the TV Show Chuck and wanted something I could try and have in the background when I did work. My housemate leant me a couple of Lee Evan stand up DVDs and from the first one I was in awe. Ever since that first DVD he has become a comfort blanket for whenever I have a down day I just put on a DVD of his stand up and by the end of it I am so happy. I have all of his shows on DVD now so I can pick and choose whatever ones I want.

Three other stand up comedians I find this with is James Acaster, Rhod Gilbert and Dane Cook. If I want someone who I know will instantly make me laugh because of their calamities I will choose James Acaster, if I want a soothing voice I will choose Rhod, if I want stand up routines I know like the back of my hand I will choose Dane.

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