Let’s Talk About…Superheroes And Villains

This month we are talking about a different topic every day to sort of bring you variety and to maybe even start a discussion at the end of each article. All the topics have been researched and been taken off of other 30 day challenges

lets talk


I tend to ask this question a lot to people I interview in the quick fire round, I always shuffle them up the questions but I do enjoy this one as I have had some really interesting responses. I have always liked the Batman universe – not the modern day one (I can’t stand Ben Affleck as a whole and tried to watch the new one and turned off) but I have always enjoyed the original (pow! Bang! Wazooo!) and even the ones in the nineties.

However, I can never really remember having a favourite superhero, I like Doctor Strange in the Lego Avengers as he has the most powers, the Captain America and Iron Man films but I wouldn’t say they are my favourites, Toby Maguire as Spiderman. I have always preferred the villains though.

I can tell you right off the top of my head who my favourite vilains are and hands down it is the Riddler. I have always loved the Riddler from when Jim Carrey played him all the way up to the way that Corey Michael Smith depicts him in Gotham. It is just a character I have always adored for its characteristics and narrative. To be fair I have loved other Gotham villains along the way due to the way characters are depicted such as Heath Ledgers Joker and Robin Lord Taylors depiction of Penguin.

I always been a fan more of the underdog hero that I feel I can relate to more. I loved The Mask when I was growing up and actually do a lot now as well. I always felt I could relate a lot to Stanley Ipkiss and always saw myself in him. Not the Mask character but I liked the concept  to it and I suppose being on stage is sort of like my ‘Mask’ a lot of people have commented I come alive on stage and that I am a different person.

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