Comedy Book Corner – Best Foot Forward, Adam Hills

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 13.46.28When I first started reading this I didn’t really know what to expect as I had only seen one stand up show on the television and seen him on a regular basis host The Last Leg, but I was intrigued as I was always interested about Adam Hills.

Out of all the autobiographies I have read this year, i think this has gone straight into my top 5 as it is heartwarming, funny and genuinely really interesting. There was no point what so ever where I felt bored or wished that the book would end.

Reading the story about how Adam Hills found his journey into stand up is very different to others that I had read and that is what I really enjoyed about it and also I really liked one major thing about Adam and that was that he truly listened to every piece of advice he was given.

There is so much to like in this story as it really has some hilarious tales of his times as a radio presenter in Australia and also on his journey to television presenting and stand up. I really like the fact as well that Adam does not shy away from talking about his prosthetic foot and again that is really interesting to read about. So much so because whilst he doesn’t make it the aim of the book it also is a necessity to understand him.

I think it is really interesting to hear about stand up and disability, although I hate using that terminology because Adam lives life to the full and does not let it get in his way.

This book is a great read and if you are looking for something to read that is quite a biggish read but also very interesting and well written, then buy this book.


Readability Rating – 9/10

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