Let’s Talk About….Break The Routine

This month we are talking about a different topic every day to sort of bring you variety and to maybe even start a discussion at the end of each article. All the topics have been researched and been taken off of other 30 day challenges

lets talk


Routines, they are something that are so easy to get into especially when you work In the city. Wake up go to work come home, wake up go to work meet someone for a drink come home, wake up troubles on the train work, come home. Routine can be boring and also make your life feel pretty empty and dead.


I am not a fan of routine, I find that If I do the same thing over and over again I can get pretty sad and bored. I used to work in zone 7 north London and live zone 6 south London, for anyone who does not live in London that is 2 hours one way and three to four different modes of transport.


I did it for a year and a half and it made me sad, I had hardly any time for socialising or having a life because the commute would completely take it out of me. It was only when I accepted a job in Newcastle and didn’t have to commute as much that I realised just how much of my life I had been missing out on and made up for it by doing lots in the weekday and weekend.


I enjoy freelance and contract life that I now do because even though I can work long 12 hour days, it also means that I have time off throughout the week as well and in that time I use it to live a life and learn a new life skill or do more improv.


It is really important to try and get a work and life balance because if you do not it becomes a very dull sort of life and you feel constantly down about your situation.

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