The Travel Book – Emirates Air Line, London

If you are heading to the 02 arena in the future then instead of just grabbing the tube, why don’t you get the DLR to Royal Victoria and then travel in style with the Emirates Air Line.

The Emirate Air Line is a cable car that runs across the Thames to the 02 Arena in North Greenwich – it goes quite high up so you can see a lot of London and the great thing is that there is a different then what you get up the Shard or the London Eye.

If you are worried that it will be busy the day that you decide to ride on it then fear not because a cabin arrives every 30 seconds. The journey across the Thames is 10 minutes and in that time especially on a good day, you can see really far across London including seeing the 2012 Olympic Stadium.

After 7pm the journey across the Thames increases to 25 minutes where you go both ways on the journey so you can see the night landscape across London and in the summer watch the sunsets.

The tickets are pretty reasonable as well to ride the Emirates Air Line  and you can also combine it with a museum package so that you an do everything in one for a more affordable price.

So give it a ride today, you will not be disappointed.

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