Let’s Talk About…. Morning Madness

This month we are talking about a different topic every day to sort of bring you variety and to maybe even start a discussion at the end of each article. All the topics have been researched and been taken off of other 30 day challenges


Working in the big city, it means that your commute into central will always be crazy and busy and will always have an element of madness to it. Working in the big city and working in television, well that can be a whole different ball game altogether.

 I work weird shifts, i have to because I work in Live Broadcast television, however this means a lot of the time that you are not commuting at the same time as everyone else. When I work the live shows I start work at 10pm, can’t really call that a ‘morning madness’ can you? Even when I work day shifts I don’t start until late morning so I miss the rush. However I have done the commutes for other jobs many a time and the morning is madness.

I suppose at the moment you could call my routine mad or me mad, whatever you prefer. I wake up Monday – Friday at 4am. Yes you read that right, 4am and yes it does slowly kill me when I also keep up things such as improv on the side.

I think working in london you have to have a slight madness to you because a lot of time you will have a crazy commute but you learn to adapt by either

+ Reading (35 books completed already this year POW)
+ Listening to Music ( Hundreds of new playlists started this year)
+ Watching a good TV Show . / Film ( I don’t do this any more as such but this is how I initially got into Sherlock – i had a 2 hour commute one way and wanted to be entertained)
+ Writing a comedy site ( you will be surprised how many of these articles are written on the go)
+ Sleep (I try to read but when tired especially after night shifts I do this)

BUT never EVER talk

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